Opportunity Isn't Politely Knocking Any More - It's Busting Down Your Door And Pulling You Up Out Of Your Chair!... Because You're About To Discover The Million Dollar Secrets Of One Of The UK's Most Successful Internet Marketers!


From: Mark Lyford

Dear Business Builder,

You’re about to discover that making money online doesn’t have to be hard, nor does it have to take years to build a hugely successful Internet based company...

Once and for all - it's time to stomp on the lie that says it's okay to put in long days for puny $7 commission checks because you're “building your business.”

Over the next few minutes you'll see for yourself, that armed with just sound advice and some fire in your belly you can build a 'life changing' web based business that can generate the kind of wealth most people could only dream about...

In fact, stick with me because I'm going to show you exactly how you can get started today, and build a world class online business inside 3 - 6 months…

Sounds good, right?

But I bet you’re feeling a little skeptical. Well that’s ok.  Because 8 years ago if you told me what I’m about to tell you right now, I'd have thought you were a few fries short of a Happy Meal...

And that’s what makes the following
story all the more astonishing...

My name is Mark Lyford, and what I’m about to reveal to you has made millions of dollars in online sales for me and my business partners...

... But it didn’t happen overnight. In fact, it took much longer than it should have. Yes I made plenty of mistakes. And I gotta tell you - I worked waaaay too hard

See, even though I came online with a background in sales & marketing, I set up my first online business as a web designer. My marketing experience landed plenty of clients at my virtual doorstep and yes it put plenty of money in the bank...

But here’s the problem: I was working 14 - 18 hour days, seven days a week.

I was burned out, stressed out and fed up. And worst of all, my income was directly tied to how many blurry-eyed hours I put in front of my computer.

I knew there had to be an easier way –

A way to make money without trading my time for dollars. The easy answer was (and still is) Internet marketing - And that’s exactly what I set out to do…

For those first few months I was a lot like you. I studied a lot. Read everything I could get my hands on. And still worked too hard... It seemed like things were moving in slow motion. You understand that, right?

You kind of get to the point where you even wonder if this whole “make money online” thing is just a myth. The small commission checks trickle in – but nothing near the six figure salary you thought you’d be making by now…

Then suddenly it clicked. The pieces fell into place… Just imagine: One day you go from making a few dollars to hitting your first marketing home run. Man that feels good!

And what feels even better is when you realize your home run isn’t a one-hit wonder but you've built a wildly profitable business, that keeps paying you like a broken ATM! And then…

Money worries melt away!

And along with the money you get the instant respect of your online colleagues and your offline friends. (yeah all the ones that nagged you to 'stop wasting your time on that computer') - Because finally you crack it - You’re getting paid to do what you want, when you want it… with plenty of free time.

I’m speaking from experience here and I confirm what you’ve always secretly hoped for: All that and more is possible! In fact, just a little over five years ago I could have swapped places with you – I was the one sitting in the chair, leaning into my monitor, reading letters like this.

But today I know the secrets of making millions –

And all you have to do is Google my name to discover all the proof you need:

  • You’ll discover how my partner and I pulled in a cool $1.7 Million in sales in less than a week with a no hype product launch.

In that SINGLE WEEK I made net (i.e. after everyone else got paid) SIX times the income most UK wage earners make in a year!

  • You’ll see how my membership sites have made an astonishing $4Million+ over the last three years and how our network of sites now has over 100,000 members!
  • And you’ll find out how I’ve enjoyed generating as much as $100K promoting other people's affiliate programs (Yes $100K in sales in less than a day)

And believe me - while I still work hard, there are no more 18 hour days…

Because The Truth Is You Don't Have to
Work Hard to Make a Lot of Money!

Don't get me wrong - I’m not telling you any of this because I need “rock star” guru status or pats on the back. (To be honest I hate all that crap and I stay away from the 'limelight' whenever I can - it's just not for me)

The reason I’m telling you this is simple: To prove that even an ordinary guy like me can do it… and that I can show you how to do it, too.

Online today - there are too many 'armchair marketers' who talk big but have embarrassingly small bank accounts.

And then there are plenty of marketers selling “systems” that only work if you have a list of guru buddies or a ten thousand dollar advertising budget.

Does that help you - No! So that’s why I created this brand new course.

And you can start using my proven, time-tested strategies to make money much faster than I ever did – especially if you’re new to this business.

You don’t need to be super smart, super rich or have all the gurus on speed dial.

Look, if I can make a fortune online, you can too – heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if you make more money than me – lots more!


"Web Income Blueprint"
The Complete Blueprint for Accelerated Internet
Marketing Success & Online Wealth Creation!


If you want to learn how to earn more, work less and boost your wealth you need to read this course. It's a real eye opener and it is laid out in an easy to read fashion - great for reading even if you have a busy lifestyle.

I'm a constant learner myself and have happily added Web Income Blueprint to my home library right next to Napoleon Hill and Robert Kiyosaki.:)

Jeremy Gislason
SureFireWealth Inc

Solid, Proven Info You Need To Build A Long Term, Prosperous Business... There are many 'courses' online that profess to teach people how to make money - However most fail miserably short of the mark and leave people still searching for the missing pieces of the puzzle...

This is different - Web Income Blueprint not only shows you how to make money it provides the kind of solid, proven information you need to build a long term, prosperous business. It's a serious course for smarter marketers and gets my highest recommendations

JP Schoeffel

Web Income Blueprint gets my top recommendation! This coaching program is packed with rock solid, proven and tested ways to grow your business whatever level you are at right now... Everything you need to know from generating a quick profits boost - to creating a successful online empire, is right here inside this course - Don't miss it!

Ewen Chia

Go ahead and imagine the awesome possibilities, because in just minutes you’ll be able to secure the same million-dollar business secrets that took me five years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to discover…

YES! You’re finally about to get your hands on a complete product creation and marketing course – the last course you’ll ever need before you hit the big time.

These are the easy shortcuts you’ve searched for, wrapped up in a complete, easy to use program that puts you on the fast track to success!

Web Income Blueprint includes:

  • Eight complete marketing modules – You’ll discover everything you need to know about developing a millionaire mindset, choosing a business model, creating a constant flow of eager buyers, creating sales letters that turn words into wealth – and much more!
  • Eight “Mini Action” Workbooks that make learning and applying the core modules and strategies as easy as ripping up a wet paper towel!
  • A Complete Series Of Advance Coaching Modules brimming with my powerful tactics and strategies that most online marketers overlook!

Plus you get the "Crown Jewel" of this amazing course

  • "Web Income Blueprint Study Guide" this pulls everything together for you in one place so you can get started right now at the right level to suit you as an individual.
  • You even get a full set of customizable mind maps that will help you turn these killer strategies into money in the bank!

And a whole lot more -

But in short: You get everything you need to start making the money you deserve… easier than you ever imagined possible!

This course will literally shave years off your learning curve so you can start making money faster than you ever imagined possible!


Let me break things down for you right now:

Marketing Mindset
How to Get a Ticket on the Success Express

All the marketing knowledge in the world is absolutely worthless if you don’t start with a millionaire mindset! 

You’re about to discover how to unlock the millionaire inside you, plus you’ll discover:

  • Why you’re robbing yourself if you’re still trading time for money. (And what you need to be doing instead!) 
  • Discover the two critical things you must do before you create goals for yourself so you actually achieve them!
  • Do you want to make the big bucks? Then stop being a “marketer” and do this instead!
  • How your thoughts can absolutely destroy any chance of success – and how to sweep away the negative thoughts as easy as brushing cookie crumbs from your shirt!
  • The 5 crucial mindset adjustments you need to make today if you want to make it big online! (Don’t worry, it’s easy!)
  • Discover the secrets of never letting your enthusiasm fizzle!
  • Here’s a nifty “to-do” list trick to free up your time and keep you on track!
  • How to shed your self-imposed limitations forever – now you can go further, faster than you ever dreamed possible!
  • Discover the secrets of modelling and mapping your way to mind-blowing success!
  • Hocus pocus or helpful? Finally, you’ll find out the TRUTH about the law of attraction - Does it really work?

Plus, you get the Marketing Mindset “Mini Action” Guide/Workbook to make it easy to develop your millionaire marketing mindset!

Marketing Tools
How to Stock Your Entrepreneur's Toolkit

Business tools aren’t magic bullets – and if you choose the wrong ones, you can destroy your business!

Avoid those mistakes, and discover which tools will help shoot you to success.

Discover my "Must-have" website design and graphics tools, including:

  • Web Hosting & Domain Names
  • Web Design Software
  • Image Resources
  • Graphic Design Software
  • FTP Software
  • Blog Software
  • Membership Management Scripts
  • Payment Processors
  • Mailing List Managers
  • Customer Service / Help Desk

The absolute best product creation & development tools:

  • Research Tools
  • Product Creation Tools
  • Outsourcing Directories
  • Compression Software
  • Teleconferencing / Webinar Solutions

The tools you need to make marketing a breeze, including:

  • Tracking and Testing Tools
  • Communication Tools
  • Press Release Distribution Made Easy

Never again will you waste money buying tools that don’t work or that you don’t need! Let this module and accompanying “Mini Action” Guide show you the right tools!

Business Models
How to Choose a Rocket to Launch
Your Business Empire

Just as a space shuttle can’t get into space without a rocket, your business can’t get off the ground unless you choose a proven business model.

This module shows you how to choose your “rocket!”

Just look at what you get:

Discover the inside scoop on four ultra-profitable models you can start using immediately to launch your business!

Which of the following is right for you?

You’re the Supreme Boss

All the Money Without the Hassle

The Next Best Thing to Bricks Mortar

The Content Lover’s Dream Model

  • There’s a huge profit hidden in your business just waiting for you to tap – here you’ll discover four powerful ways to quickly and easily uncover gobs of cash!
  • The world’s richest marketers know this cold, hard truth about profits – and once you discover it, you’ll make more money, too!
  • Quick – turn to page 13 to find out how what nine items the “big boys” use to build their massive lists!
  • Selling to “cold prospects” means bottom-of-the-barrel conversion rates – unless you use these two selling secrets!
  • Ready to make your fortune physical products? Here’s the quick and easy way to find the best and most profitable products.
  • Put your content marketing income on steroids using my seven best tips – see page 25 for full details!

And much more, plus you get the accompanying “Mini Action” Guide to get you started on the right path, fast!

Product Creation
How to Create Sizzling Hot Products for Big Profits!

You’re about to discover everything you need to know about turning your product idea into a cash cow, including:

  • Discover how to use the “Dirty Dozen” (seven product formats and five delivery methods) to effortlessly boost the value of your product!
  • Finally! You’ll discover how to know for sure, without a single doubt, how to create a killer product that’s virtually guaranteed to sell like crazy!
  • Put on your spy hat -- here are four ways to get a sneak peek at your future customers’ buying habits…
  • Plus you’ll discover four sneaky ways to spy on your competition!
  • You’re KILLING your business if don’t set yourself apart from your competitors – now discover how to do it in four quick and easy steps!
  • It’s as easy as 1-2-3 – here’s how to create a hot product everyone wants to buy! Cha-Ching!
  • Should you create the product yourself or outsource? Stop second guessing yourself and wasting money! Here’s how to know for sure.
  • Find out how to get others to create your product for you – FOR FREE!
  • Product creation doesn’t have to be painful – now you can discover the three simple secrets to creating a hot product… FAST!

Plus find out what you need to know about outsourcing successfully, including:

  • Six places to find GOOD freelancers!
  • How to use the A.S.K formula to avoid getting ripped off!
  • How to make sure every project runs smoothly!
  • The three things you must to include in your legal agreements!

Plus you get the product creation “Mini Action” Guide to help you make a swift transition from studying to taking action!

Copywriting Magic
How to Turn Your Words into Wealth

Here are the real secrets that turn words into wealth.

Order now and you’ll discover everything you need to know about creating “knock ‘em dead” sales letters, including:

  • Two sure-fire ways to cut through the “noise” and get your prospect’s undivided attention!
  • The two things your headline absolutely must do in order to grab your reader’s by their shirt collar and drag them into your copy! (Plus, you get five headline examples you can swipe!)
  • Make ‘em fall for you, HARD – here are three proven ways to make your prospects feel like they can’t live another moment without your product!
  • Put your prospects in a vice grip! Here’s wow to create a compelling sales letter opener that has your prospects hanging on your every word!
  • Discover two proven ways to hook your readers and reel ‘em in easy!
  • Get your prospects drooling over your product using these “benefit list” secrets!
  • You’ll discover when to use emotion and when to use logic in your sales letter – get this wrong and you’ll kill your profits!
  • Two powerful ways to prove your case and easily win over even the most sceptical buyer!
  • It’s easy -- boost your response rate using these five “social proof” secrets!
  • Your prospects are practically eating out the palm of your hand – here’s how to quickly and easily close the sale!
  • Force your prospects to buy now using these seven time-tested urgency secrets!

Plus you’ll discover 5 little changes that create BIG profits:

  • Craft a killer guarantees that keep more money in your pocket and drive more people to buy!
  • How to make more money from people who don’t even read your sales copy!
  • The 8 best ways to grab your reader’s attention!
  • The right way to justify your price! (Hint: you need to justify cheap prices, too!)
  • And what one word sends your response rate into orbit!

And more… plus you get the copywriting “Mini Action” Guide to help you hone your newfound profit-pulling skills!

Traffic Generation
How to Trade a Little Time for a Ton of Traffic

In this module you’ll learn everything you need to know about pulling in massive traffic – free!

We’ll focus on the six best strategies to send your hit counter spinning with targeted, eager buyers, including:

Free Traffic Strategy #1:

  • The secrets of joint venture and affiliate marketing
  • 15 (Yes Fifteen) amazing ways you can use joint ventures to pull down massive profits!
  • The secret to approaching potential JV partners that puts more money in your pocket (most people get this dead wrong!)…
  • And 7 power tactics you can use to practically force your JV partners to say “YES!”


Free Traffic Strategy #2:

  • Search engine optimization secrets
  • How to snag top rankings in the search engines - even Google!
  • How to flood your site with eager buyers simply by using these keywords secrets!
  • More links = higher rankings = MASSIVE traffic! Here you’ll discover the 6 best places to get as many links as you want!


Free Traffic Strategy #3:

  • Article marketing and other content strategy secrets
  • Whoa! Here’s a sneaky tip that gets you instant traffic EVERY time you post to your blog!
  • Flood your site with eager buyers using these four profit-pulling article marketing tactics!
  • Plus you’ll discover which three sites EVERY serious article marketer should be using!


Free Traffic Strategy #4:

  • Social media marketing strategy secrets
  • Which profitable social networking sites you should ALREADY be using!
  • A quick and easy way to build a massive “friends” list on ANY social media site! (See page 17 for this surprisingly simple strategy!)
  • Plus you’ll discover the top six social bookmarking sites every online marketer should know about!


Free Traffic Strategy #5:

  • Viral marketing strategy secrets
  • Discover the four secrets of an EXPLOSIVE viral product--miss this, and your viral marketing campaign will fizzle rather than sizzle!
  • Discover these four secrets to launching a viral video that sweeps the web like a prairie fire!
  • Plus enjoy instant viral success after you post your video on these 11 sites! (Just imagine YOUR video as the next big online hit!)


Free Traffic Strategy #6:

  • Offline marketing strategy secrets, including: Eight sure-fire ways to create a traffic stampede… FOR FREE!
  • How a simple press release can unleash an unstoppable flood of traffic!
  • Plus you’ll discover the quick and easy way to find out what the editor of your local paper REALLY wants in a press release! (Get this wrong and you’re dead in the water!)

And don’t forget that you also get the bonus “Mini Action” Guide that makes it easier than ever to implement these profitable strategies!

Email Marketing
How to Turn a Couple of Emails into a Flood of Sales

The next person who utters the words “the money is in the list” is probably going to feel the stinging snaps of a hundred wet gym towels. I mean geeze, we’ve heard this a million times.

But you know what? That’s because it’s TRUE! Especially when you get past the hype and down to the real money-making details like:

  • The three secret keys to building a big list that spits money at you like a broken slot machine!
  • Discover the secrets of creating a squeeze page that practically builds your list for you!
  • Finally: Here’s how to get rid of those nasty newsletter “leeches” who drain your time and resources!
  • Revealed! Here’s the secret “message spacing” formula the pros use to create massive autoresponder profits!

Do you know what your readers REALLY want?

If not, you’re leaving thousands of dollars on the table!

So here’s how to get them to reveal their deepest desires to you

  • What should you write about?
  • When and how should you start pitching paid products?
  • What’s the best length for your emails?
  • What can you do to keep subscribers reading – and buying?
  • What should you do when someone unsubscribes?

And even more including...

  • Why “free newsletters” are KILLING your business… and what you should really be giving subscribers to get them eating out of the palm of your hand!
  • Everyone who’s ever made a killer fortune in email marketing included these five things on their squeeze page – are you using all five?
  • Learn these four slicks tricks to get prospects to join your list NOW!
  • Create an absolutely irresistible freebie offer – and a massive list! -- using these four freebie secrets!
  • Here’s a sneaky way to boost profits by “splitting” your list – you gotta see it to believe it!
  • Dead lists bankrupt you – here’s how to put a cattle prod to your list that motivates subscribers to read, interact… AND BUY!
  • Get a crush of new sales almost instantly simply by building credibility – here’s how!

Plus you get the email marketing “Mini Action” Guide to help you turn your list into a virtual gold mine!

Advanced Strategies
How to Turbo Charge Your Marketing

Whether you’re a relative marketing newcomer or you’ve already banked some money, you’re sure to appreciate these advanced strategies.

These are the same strategies I’ve used to build my business over the past five years – and you can own them today to shortcut your way to success!

Just look at what you get:

  • Marketing mindset tips and tricks: How to start thinking like a millionaire marketer!
  • Tools tips and tricks: Which tools you MUST avoid if you don’t want to get banned, go bankrupt, fined, or thrown in jail!
  • Business model tips and tricks: The incredibly easy way to make more money while working less!
  • Product creation tips and tricks: What one little thing you can do to turn “launch day” into your biggest pay day EVER! (Plus, you’ll discover how to turn a simple review into a raging viral campaign!)
  • Traffic tips and tricks: How to ride the coattails of someone else’s success… and how to legally profit from a scam!
  • Copywriting tips and tricks: How to easily tap into seven of your prospect’s biggest buying triggers – it’s like stealing candy from a baby!
  • List-building tips and tricks: Seven powerful “splitting” secrets that create an almost unbelievable conversion rate – try it for yourself and see!

Plus you get the advanced Mini Action Guide to make it easy to turn these strategies into streams of cash!

And that’s not all!...

You Also Get the Amazing Web Income Blueprint Study Guide!

Here’s the crown jewel of this course, the one thing that takes you from merely reading about successful strategies to implementing them!

You see, other marketing courses dump a pile of reading on you and leave you to figure it out.

So what happens?

You get overwhelmed.

It’s confusing. And all that reading material just gathers virtual dust on your hard drive.

It’s not your fault! You just didn’t have a clear, personalized step-by-step plan to follow. But when you order the Web Based Wealth course, that’s EXACTLY what you get.

And its’ easy, too: Just answer a few questions to self-assess your knowledge, get your results, and then turn to the study guide that’s tailored to your level!

That means whether you’re an absolute beginner, an intermediate marketer or an expert, this amazing Study Guide saves you time by making sure you only read what’s essential – no more wasting time reading about stuff you already know!

And remember, you also get a huge set of “mini action” workbooks that take you step-by-step through the entire process of getting your business up and running!

It’s like having an expert marketer looking over
your shoulder and guiding you every step of the way!

Now the eight modules and their accompanying “Mini Action” books that you'll receive on the discs will effortlessly take you further than you’ve ever gone before...

But there’s always room for improvement right?

– and always room for more money in the bank!

That’s why you'll also receive:

These Incredible Advanced Information Modules!

Just look at what you get inside these fluff free training guides:

Advanced Intelligence

Just think about how many tasks you do in a typical week or month in your business, and you’ll realize you have a lot of work.

If you’re doing all or most of it yourself right now, just think about how much faster you could roll out products and make money if someone else was doing all the work.

In this module you'll discover how to make more money while working less! Here’s what else you’ll learn:

  • Discover the 19 tasks you can and should outsource – and which ones you MUST do yourself or risk major upsets!
  • Discover the little-known places you can find the best freelancers!
  • STOP! Here’s what you need to do BEFORE you hire a freelancer to avoid being robbed blind!
  • Heads up: Save yourself loads of time and money by avoiding these common project management mistakes!
  • Discover the quick and easy formula that tells you whether to outsource a project or do it yourself.
  • EXPOSED! Seven crucial tips to make your outsourcing experiences absolutely painless -- and unbelievably profitable!

Advanced Intelligence

Direct-response selling isn’t an exact science. That means that you can’t take a specific formula, plug in your product, and expect that the end result will be a horde of customers.

If it was that easy, we’d all have sales letters that converted at staggering rates and pulled in millions of dollars.

Instead, direct-response selling is part science, part art. Fortunately, you can learn both the art and science… and with practice, you too can excel at selling and persuasion.

And that’s why I created this advance training module for you. Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • WARNING: Your profits are being sucked away like twigs in a tornado! Solution: Stop grabbing money and start doing this one simple thing instead
  • Here’s an order-pulling trick that works so well your prospects are almost hypnotized into taking out their credit card!
  • How to create a sales tsunami by zeroing in on “channel WIIFM!” with your visitors and readers
  • How genuine empathy affects your sales.
  • Secret persuasion tactics that work so well you’ll almost feel guilty using ‘em!
  • You’re in this to make money, right? Then here’s the one thing you need to ALWAYS do if you want your bank account filling up with cash!
  • How to turn “cry in your beer” failures into amazingly profitable champagne-sipping celebrations!

Advanced Intelligence

Everyone tells you to start doing joint ventures with like-minded marketers… and some people even give you a few tips about how to do it. But hardly anyone tells you the secrets of getting your foot in the door with influential partners and getting them to eagerly say “yes” to your requests...

Until now because you'll learn exactly that in this bonus report, plus you'll also discover:

  • Discover how to land the biggest money-making joint ventures by breaking into the most elite “inner circles!”
  • You’ll find out what a penguin with a yellow shirt has to do with your bank account!
  • Here’s what no one else is telling you: Ten ways to easily command the attention and respect of your future super affiliates and joint venture partners!
  • Looking for JV partners that will make you boatloads of cash? Then you need to be looking in these places
  • And how to get your joint venture partners eating out of the palm of your hand and begging YOU to work with them!

Advanced Intelligence

If you’ve read other reports and courses on affiliate marketing, then you know that most experts teach you how to attract the affiliates… but you’re left a bit unsure of what to do after that.

Indeed, so far in the above modules I also teach you the secrets of finding and attracting top-performing (super) affiliates – but we’re not stopping there!

In addition to quickly reviewing some of these key concepts (such as where to find affiliates), inside this report you’ll also discover:

  • The secrets of attracting super affiliates like ants to a picnic!
  • What you need to know BEFORE you even think about getting an affiliate manager or broker! (The wrong partner can KILL your business and rip your reputation to shreds – don’t make these mistakes!)
  • You’ll discover the little-known secrets of getting “cold” prospective affiliates to start promoting your products right away!
  • How to make affiliates come to YOU! (This makes running an affiliate program dead simple and massively profitable!)
  • How to keep the money flowing to you like beer at a frat house… even weeks and months after your official launch!

Advanced Intelligence

I'm pretty excited about this module - and if this topic doesn't yet excite you yet, that will change very soon. That's because this topic is one of the most important yet neglected aspects of your online business.

See, everyone talks about how to create great products, drive traffic, and create sales letters that convert your browsers into visitors. Those are all important topics. But if you add in a big product launch, you'll get momentum going that snowballs your profits… you couldn't stop it if you wanted to!

If making five or even six figures in one day sounds good to you, then scroll down and let's get started learning the secrets of the big product launch

Buckle up and get ready to launch! But before you do, be sure to find out what you need to know about:

  • How to avoid payment processor problems.
  • How to avoid a crashed server.
  • How to make sure your domain name stays online.
  • How to make sure you satisfy customers and partners.
  • How to avoid any embarrassing launch day mistakes.
  • Discover the easy step-by-step way to “salt” your prospects until they’re deliriously thirsty for your product!
  • How to create a curiosity-arousing, anticipation-building launch email series that almost guarantee your launch day is your biggest payday… EVER!
  • Discover the secrets of getting your customers to dip into their wallets and eagerly come up with even more cash for you… again and again!
  • Plus how to keep the money train chugging along AFTER your launch!

Advanced Intelligence

The Web Income Blueprint course shows you how to make your fortune creating and selling your own products.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t also make another small fortune on the side selling OTHER people’s products!

Choosing a product to sell as an affiliate seems easy, right? Just pick a top-selling product off Clickbank, grab your affiliate link and start promoting. But there’s more to it than that, especially if you care about your income and your reputation.

Here's just a little about what you'll find out in this module:

  • Discover the secrets of choosing your affiliate cash cow – and how to “milk it” for all its worth!
  • How to choose an affiliate product that sells like crazy!
  • WARNING! Someone’s trying to swipe your commissions right from under your nose – and it might even be the vendor! Here’s how stop him dead in his tracks
  • Use these amazing super affiliate secrets to quickly and easily boost your affiliate profits!

Advanced Intelligence

Branding isn’t just about choosing a name, logo and slogan so that your customers recognize your brand.

Branding goes way beyond that. It becomes a communication tool for you. And it becomes a way for you to convey and/or tap into an emotion that’s important to your customers.

Inside this exciting module, you’ll discover how to use this tool to its full effect. You’ll learn:

  • The truth about branding – and how a good branding strategy virtually sucks money out of your prospects’ wallets!
  • Building “you” as a brand – profitable idea or huge, budget-draining mistake? See page 14 for the surprising answer!
  • Now this is powerful -- Find out how your brand easily pushes your buyer’s “hot buttons!”
  • How to create a brand that masterfully taps into your prospects’ emotions making them rabidly loyal to you!
  • How to quickly, cheaply and easily build your brand recognition all over your niche!
  • And other tips and tricks to make your brand work tirelessly to put more money in your pocket!

And we’re not done yet with this information gold mine…

Order Now and You’ll Also Get the Key to Overcoming
Information Overload with these AMAZING Bonus Mind Maps
that Make These Strategies Dead Simple!

If this course was the ONLY one you ever take (and it’s so complete it very well could be), then you could absorb all this information like a giant sponge and start applying it quickly and easy.

But I know you’re bombarded with a constant stream of information day in and day out – newsletters in your inbox, blog posts, forum threads and so much more.

Sometimes it feels like you’re drowning in information!

That’s where these mind maps come inthey’re your “life vest” that keeps you floating above information overload. They distil all the core modules and the Advanced Intelligence modules down to maps that help you visualize the information in a whole new way.

It’s like a “Mapquesting” your path to success – except these mind maps make online success faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible!

Of course, most people want "ready-to-use" materials, and these are "ready-to-use" materials... with an added customization options... for advanced users - And they’re included inside your Web Based Wealth discs!

What People Are Saying About Web Based Wealth...

"Mark's Web Income Blueprint course,
is what I would boldly say, is a
'you need only this' solution"

I've heard a constant complain from newcomers to the world of doing business online that Internet Marketing is likened to a maze or a labyrinth. I can totally relate to that too and because of the overwhelming, endless possibilities of doing business online, people are now confused by the luxury of too many choices - You could start from anywhere yet not know how to continue, and don't know where the confusion ends.

Mark's Web Income Blueprint course, is what I would boldly say, is a 'you need only this' solution. That's a very bold claim, I know, because many Internet 'gurus' who over-use that term for their under-promise products.

If you want to know how to research and find out your best possible winning chances in a niche, it's covered. Product creation? Covered. Exhibiting a healthy mindset? Check. Don't even know what you want? Let Mark's expertise decide for you.

Business building is a lifelong learning process and Mark is one of the few whom I consider capable of teaching even the seasoned pros of Internet Marketing. Each module is straight-to-the-point with the fluff filtered out, true to Mark's style of conveying the gems. Case in point: I learned a life changing post from Mark's contribution on the Warrior Forum -it was short and only a few sentences about launching a product. But it was truly life changing when I applied what he taught.

And the result? A constant application, improvement and tweaking finally led me to make $85,456.60 in 4 days with my partner Stephen Luc from our product launch - the foundation of the product launch platform is owed to applying Mark's wisdom.

At the risk of being called a case of fluke, check this out: => plrgoldvideos.com/halloffame.htm My only regret? Maybe if Mark had released Web Income Blueprint a few weeks before my launch, I might be able to make more! Amazing how just a few words from him made a positive impact. And I'm certain with applying Web Income Blueprint, almost anyone can do the same for their business and personal life.

Edmund Loh


"This is by far one of the best
releases this year..."

When I saw that Mark Lyford was putting out a course on Internet Marketing called Web Income Blueprint, I thought "this has to be good" and boy was I right. If you want success with Internet Marketing you need good information from the beginning so as to not waste money on unnecessary ebooks and software.

What is nice is the ability to start at the correct module you need depending on your level of experience or need.
All the information is logically formatted for easy navigation, a real plus when trying to get instant information to a query.

If you are looking to be successful with the internet you should learn from those before you, especially those that have acquired great wealth with it. Web Income Blueprint is a huge resource from Mark's experiences.

You can learn from your own mistakes over time. I prefer to learn from somebody else's mistakes and reduce time.  This is great information for the new or lost Internet Marketer. A way to get on track quickly. This is by far one of the best releases this year. No disappointments here.

Marc Browne

"A refreshing return to basics and an emphasis on proven techniques that will bring you success..."

Mark takes wisdom beyond his years and extends his hand to the individual... this isn't simply re-hashed information, it's an accumulation of knowledge that has earned him money that most of us only dream of.

WIB breaks an intimidating process down to manageable chunks, and reinforces each one with a "take action" guide which encourages the reader to apply what they've learned.

More importantly, he shares the TRUE obstacles that prevent us from finding success and offers genuine advice on how to overcome them. This is worth the price of the system itself! No exaggeration!

If you want a refreshing return to basics and an emphasis on proven techniques that will bring you success, buy this system and learn what happens when you finally APPLY your knowledge instead of just collecting it!

Ray Harris


"Good Detailed Training"

Mark, Web Income Blueprint Is Just What I needed I have spent thousands on junk but Web Income Blueprint is Good Detailed Training.

Randy Templeton


"WOW! Incredible package -"

A truly information packed, value for money deal. This will put any one into the money stream very quickly. Mark I have had a number of your packages over the years and this one beats them all.

John Judd


All I can say is WOW! I can't believe everything that you have included.

I have just read the Web Income Blueprint Study Guide and I'm about to start on Module 1. Even though I've been an internet marketer for over 3 years, the study guides opened my eyes to what I know and what I don't.

Web Income Blueprint is a must for anyone that wants to be successful online. And at this low introductory price, everyone should get this right now.

Donna Walsh


"Everything is clearly laid out and
easy to follow."

Knowing the quality of your stuff I had no hesitation in buying Web Income Blueprint myself and then recommending it to my list.

What I particularly like is right from the off the Study Guide identifies your level of experience using a clever multi choice approach. And then goes on to guide you appropriately through the Modules. Everything is clearly laid out and easy to follow.

Simon you have a definite winner here. You have clearly worked many hours on it. I look forward to discovering many new marketing tips from amongst the many documents.

Jeff McCall


"Take a look at this course"

I don't claim to know everything - no one does. The learning curve never ends. However I have certainly gained insight into your success because you have learned the importance of mindset, strategy, tactics and marketing.

So, my advice to anyone looking to earn online who is a beginner or just chasing their tail, take a look at this course.

Chris Ruane


"Web Income Blueprint Is simply THE BEST!"

There are a lot of 'make money online course' out there in the market. But most of them only teach you the fancy tricks and left you to figure it out yourself.

Web Income Blueprint not only 'teaches' you but also 'guides' you through the whole process of creating your own 'Web Income Blueprint'.

This is THE BEST coaching program in the market so far. Thanks Mark for all the hard work! I really enjoy what you've provided in this coaching program.

For all the struggling marketers out there, I suggest you pick up this coaching program if you really want to enjoy 'Web Income Blueprint' in the future. I dare to guarantee that you won't regret on every investment you made on this coaching program.

Nathan Onn


"...lays out a complete business plan that works!"

This is the only course you need to build a wildly successful business online. Forget piecing together dozens of different ideas, tools and courses. This course lays out a complete business plan that works!

We love it!

Steve Wilson


"A rock-solid foundation for your business."

Thank you for this great product, endless options and for suitable for everyone... This is a complete package that strikes the perfect balance between knowledge, tools, coaching and opportunities - The incredibly low price makes it affordable for everyone.

I couldn't think off a better way to invest my money to create success online - Web Income Blueprint gets my highest recommendations for creating a rock-solid foundation for your business.

Marco Drummen


"My impressions are that this is an outstanding course."

If you would like to boost your chances of succeeding on the internet, join this site while you still can. I look forward to spending many productive hours working my way through the huge amount of valuable content available here.

John Watson


"Finally... I have found a package that fills in the blanks that the others seem to leave."

Everything I have read has been easy to understand and I am looking forward to putting this information to good use in the very near future.

Howard Young



"If you are overwhelmed with Information Overload. STOP EVERYTHING NOW.
Buy this course"

If you are new to creating an e-Business from scratch, this course is for you. If you want to upgrade from your affiliate status to a full Internet Marketing Entrepreneur, this course is for you.

If you are an Internet Marketing Entrepreneur, but still struggling to get to grips with all you need to know, or to do, this course is for you. Anyone that will follow the guidelines, AND DO THE PRACTICES OF THE WORKBOOKS, will meet success, or at least improve on what the status is before the course.

If you are overwhelmed with Information Overload. STOP EVERYTHING NOW. Buy this course, and go through the entire course step-by-step, and do not read anything else, till you finished your level.

Paul Ramon

This is the ONLY online marketing
course you’ll ever need... (Almost)!

Because You’re About to Discover Six Additional Strategies to Quickly and Easily Grow YOUR Business… Starting Right NOW!

Let me ask you a question:  If entrepreneurs were like cars, what kind would you be?

Probably a sleek sports car that turns heads and burns rubber as you zip around the city?

That’s a good thing.

But consider this: While a sleek sports car gets attention, an OPTIMIZED, finely tuned, sports car will win all the races.

And it’s the same in business – an average entrepreneur can make a comfortable living.  With Web Based Wealth you'll have to hand all the secrets, strategies and information to rocket your online earnings. 

So all this must be worth a king’s ransom, right?

You bet Web Income Blueprint is worth a king’s ransom… and then some! These same strategies have made millions for me and my partners, and over the coming years they’ll make millions more for ALL of us

– and that could include you when you order today.

Now, I know you’re used to seeing eye-popping prices for courses like this -- $2,500 seminars, $1,497 home study courses, $4,997 mentoring programs.

And while this course truly is the only course you’ll ever need, I don’t think it’s fair to charge so much that only the rich guys can get their hands on these secrets…

That’s why I’m offering a fair deal that makes this course affordable and accessible for anyone who’s serious about their business…

Go ahead, imagine how you’ll feel on your first big launch day. Imagine yourself enjoying living the “Internet Dream.” Imagine yourself being King of your niche…

Go ahead and let your imagination run wild, because you’re just one simple click away from turning your wildest dreams into a mind-blowing reality!

A year from now, you’ll look back to happily realize that investing in yourself by choosing this course was the best business decision you ever made!

And best of all, you can order now with complete confidence today, because everything I’ve promised to you is backed by a...

If you’re not satisfied with this course for ANY reason, I’ll buy it back from you – no questions asked, no hoops to jump through, no hassles! Just return the course to me within 60 days from today and I’ll cheerfully refund every penny.

Now, once you see this course I know you’ll be absolutely thrilled. And once you put these strategies into action, someone would have to pry them out of your cold, dead hands before you’d ever give them up!

But isn’t it nice to know you can click the order button now with 100% confidence?

Do You Want To Know One Of The Real 'Secrets'
To Success In Both Life And Business?

It's Taking ACTION!

If you want to become incredibly
successful you must take action

YES!  I can’t wait to begin using the new strategies, tactics and tools for multiplying my productivity, boosting my business and exploding my online profits.  Rush me my discs right away!

YES! I understand I GET EVERYTHING I need to Crack the Code and Start Building a Massively Successful Business, FAST! - All 8 modules, all 8 "Mini Action" Guides, all 8 mind maps right away - Plus the 7 Advanced Intelligence Coaching Modules, videos, software and more...

Web Income Blueprint

All major credit cards and PayPal payments accepted. 

Get Web Income Blueprint, Optimized Entrepreneur Courses For Just $497

To Your Success

Web Based Wealth

Mark Lyford

PS:  I can’t be any more clear than this: These online marketing strategies are literally worth millions to me and my partners – and you can get them all for one low price when you order right now!

P.P.S. Have you got what it takes? Are you an action taker, this is without doubt the best investment you'll make in your career - you have my cast iron guarantee to back that up so there's no risk on your part.

P.P.P.S. You know what it's like - Have you ever visited a store and an assistant approaches you and asks to help you...

Most people say "Just Looking" - And what do they end up with normally?.... NOTHING - they just looked but ended up with nothing - you've spent plenty time reading about WebBasedWealth today - don't fail to take action, don't regret 'Just Looking' Order Now And Kick Start Your Business!


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